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The tasks involved in developing a nanosatelitte can be quite overwhelming. CENSUS is an ecosystem of tools, designed to help share experiences between space project teams. CENSUS offers a framework to support project teams with tasks ranging from mission analysis to the drawing, up to the development plan and the preparation for review. If necessary, experts from our space laboratories are asked to accompany the project at given times. In this way inter-project dialogue is encouraged and facilitated.

The sum of all project teams is a community of professionals and students and, more broadly, an academic and industrial network. Students often experiment with their first professional network. Professionals are offered a dynamic way to keep track of the latest news, as well as a pool of potential partners in the fast evolving and innovative CubeSats business.

Traditional tools of space engineering are organized through the so-called DOCKS interface, which facilitates the handling of newcomers. Tools and facilities are assembled to conduct the tests and integration. A UHF/VHF ground station allows flight operations with Low Earth Orbit missions. In the nearby future mission reconstruction in terms of engineering will be possible: from the collected flight data (orbits, attitude control, systems diagnoses or "house keeping"), it becomes possible to reproduce and explain the normal or abnormal course of a mission and extract experience feedback.

Methods & Tools

Expertise Engineering Tools Installation
Project Review
Space thermal
Space mechanics
Mission analysis
DOCKS Prototyping
IDM-CIC (Cnes)
VTS (Cnes)
Organisation AGILE
Workspace with extranet
TestPOD 3U
Training kit
BRAHMS bench(Cnes)
Air pillow platform
Thermal cyclying and outgassing (Lesia)
Plasma tank (Onera)

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