CENSUS, new perimeter

Good bye C²ERES, welcome in CENSUS. The space pole of PSL Université Paris has evolved: a new management, a new scientific perimeter, new means... and a new name. The website is being updated. Please come back to visit us later and request to be added to our Newsletter subscribers with a simple mail to contact.census @ obspm.fr. See you soon.

PICSAT technology taken over by ODYSSEUS Space

The fine pointing technology developed for PICSAT has been adapted for further applications by the private company ODYSSEUS Space within a partnership with Paris Observatory.

The development is further supported by the european space agency ESA since July 2019.See the news here.

Three more partners flying

On Sunday Jan.24 2021, a Falcon 9 launcher released a huge number of satellites in orbit. Three of them have involved fellows and all have confirmed their proper functioning:

  • UVSQ-SAT, by LATMOS, the satellite is a "spin-off" of SERB project supported by CENSUS and LabEx ESEP
  • YUSAT-1, Taiwanese satellite whose launch was taken in charge by our partner ODYSSEUS Space (see previous news)
  • IDEASSat, by NCU Taïwan who has started a collaboration with CENSUS on another project.

Great!! congratulations to the teams!

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